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Cluster Ballooning is inspirational, colorful, and it brings genuine adventure, even in our modern times. When we lift off from an airfield, I see amazement in children's eyes. The miracle of this sport is that I see the same amazement in the eyes of their parents. This sport reawakens a dream so many of us once had, but has grown quiet.

Please know that cluster ballooning is a passion for me. As much as we'd like to fly at every event that has graciously invited us, it is prohibitively expensive to host a cluster balloon system. Helium is invisible, yet still precious and beautiful. It is also regrettably expensive. For events or TV productions that invite us to fly, sponsorship must be secured by the event, and it is expensive. We'd love to fly with you. There are also many commercial events that would be appropriate for a cluster balloon system - films, documentaries, and promotional events, and we thank the producers that have contacted us for these endeavors. Please keep in mind that this is an expensive undertaking involving licensed pilots, meteorologists, and other professionals. None of our flights are undertaken on a whim; all are prepared for, exhaustively.

Media. When reaching out via the form below, please put the word "MEDIA" as the first word in the message.