UP Cluster Balloons float above The Hub of the Universe: BOSTON!

Event Complete! Launch Successful!

~The Hatch Shell, Boston Esplanade~


Studying the weather the night before the launch, we had some concerns. The winds at different sites in the area literally ranged from zero to 20 mph. However, on site, the actual conditions were completely flyable! The winds would sometimes gust up, which would bring the cluster to the end of the tether lines, then send it back earthwards.

This led to a lot of movement of the system around the field, but we had the space! When the system would head earthward, it at first seems dramatic from the chair, but it would almost always run out of steam before the gondola actually reached ground. When it did approach earth, we had crew right by-- and it doesn't take much to slow this gas system!

Wonderful event-- thanks to the amazing crew who were there from the dark of the night through to lunch time!

Special thank you to our crew chief Mike Maung for helping to bring in such a wonder group of balloonists and friends to help crew!